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Image by Felicia Montenegro

Tuning in Private Homes

Tuning in private homes comprises the majority of my work. Having your piano in tune makes playing, listening and practicing more enjoyable. Tuning is the essential key to a better sound and a long life span for your instrument. Acoustic pianos naturally lose their tune with changes in humidity which causes the wood of the soundboard to expand and contract, causing pitch to become sharp or flat.

My recommendation for a tuning schedule depends on where the piano is located and how much it is played.

  • For a home piano, every 6 -12 months is recommended. The more demands placed upon the instrument, then the more often it should be tuned.

  • Churches and schools typically have a difficult time controlling temperature and humidity levels. The piano should be tuned every 3 – 6 months.

  • Concert instruments are typically tuned monthly and receive a fine tuning before each performance.


I am available for concert and studio tuning, as well. I have years of experience in the most demanding situations, and I have  received numerous compliments on the quality of my work from performing artists.

The cost of a tuning is $140 + HST.

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